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I bake several types of wedding cake.
Naked cakes are sponges with filling in the layers usually about three to four layers.... on a wedding cake of each tier . The outsides are left naked . 

Semi- Naked Tiers have a very light covering of buttercream...

Then we have Buttercream Wedding Cakes covered in a light covering of buttercream either pattern or smooth.

Then there is Fondant Icing with a smooth covering over the cake . On top of these coverings you may like hand made sugar paste flowers made to your taste or fresh flowers ordered from your florist.
These can be made up by myself and positioned for you once I set the cake up for you at your venue.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have or need answering. You are guaranteed to find your perfect cake with me.

Your wedding day is your dream and your wedding cake should reflect this .

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